Sunday, March 18, 2007

Think BIG

Yesterday Sascha stepped in and took over my wedding planning while I just nodded and said YES and OH SURE over and over again. I am so in love with her, stillstillstill. She is my yard stick against whom I gauge the relative value of everyone I meet. SASCHA YOU ARE THE MOSS GROWING ON THE NORTH SIDE OF EVERY TREE IN THIS DARK FOREST I CALL LIFE.

Will the chairs be set in a semi-circle? Who will herd? Two processional songs, one recessional? We'll be glad to pelt you with birdseed if you wish! Lets consider the light. The sun will set that day at 8:51 but the light might be very... either beautiful or contrasty by 7:20.

And she will also be the officiant.

Almost 10 years ago first she Pastorized me, and on homemade letterhead for our Vida Loca church I acknowledged her back as a leader and church official. We took the document downtown and she registered herself as a legal marriage officiant, then married Jen and Nigel on a weekend that gives me vertigo to recall. I told Clark it would mean a lot to me if she officiated our wedding. It only seems proper. It makes me feel like a player in my own destiny, married under my own auspice.

Tonight the air quite chokingly full of blossoms promised me everything. Fleet footed and dusky tonight it's like I have 87 more years to go, which is a very long time indeed. I will have more then enough time to work on my singing voice and will forget to be afraid.

I feel a little hallelujah in my step because everything in springtime is so right. Arg.

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