Thursday, January 11, 2007


When I went into the coffee shop this morning the sky was only eleven feet off the ground and snowing furiously, big and gorgeously. I was there ostensibly to pick up newspaper with which to clean every interior window in my house, a task I literally catapulted myself out of bed for. A half an hour later I looked up from the crossword puzzle to see the sky clear blue and blinding, horizon to horizon.

I rushed home to make a snowman.


I washed all my interior windows, and what the hell... washed all the exterior windows too. The out-of-doors was hot blinding blue ice cold and with gloves and smartwool and boots I got numb still all the way down. I got a pole with a squeegee and every time I reached up high my pants nearly fell off me. My cat sat at my heels.

I washed every window in and out, then washed all the bedding, pillows too, all the towels, mats, rugs, and curtains. I swept all the floors, took out the garbage, packed up books, donated shoes, dusted and vacuumed. Then I rearranged the bedroom, from east to west and barely made it to work on time.

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