Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The long season of waiting

Inside flowers are blooming and the temperatures are nearly tropical if you huddle at the edge of the charred circle in front of the the heater. I've taken the hammer to the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom... curtains, lights, linens, storage, give away. We are stuck in this house for at least six more months and without the specter of school eating away at my soul I have taken with fierce vigilance to making this house livable. Forget the last two year, I couldn't think that far outside of myself.

As it turns out the school where I was recently hired called me with only one class available, a M/W class, 5 hours a week interpreting. They called me at the end of the first week of classes, the next Monday was a holiday. Tuesday we were snow stormed, snow ambushed really, and the campus was closed for three days. I am going to throw a little fit if I have to delay gratification any longer. Monday will be my first day unless there is a flood or plague. My throat daren't feel a little scratchy.

They said rain mixed with snow, and only a 20% chance at that. They totally lied. We rarely get 4-6 inches of nice powdery snow here and when we do we celebrate by crashing into each other and bringing all commerce and civil services to a screeching halt. At my house we lit up the BBQ and filed the runners on our sleds. I live on the awesomest hill for sledding.

I got out my snowboard before anything and strapped in. About halfway down the hill I couldn't take all the broken bones anymore. I might have to hang my hat up after 12 years of boarding. Can it be?

I have to go return pants now. Pants! Can you believe that?

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