Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cocktail waitress

It is 4:48 am. I just got home, almost an hour past my bedtime. This whole thing, this whole "I'm suddenly a runner again" thing is killing me. My knee is swollen all sorts of ways, so bad that my knee cap disappeared after walking on it all night for 10 hours of work after running. The closing shift sucks. I remember this summer when I worked till close after running a 24 mile training run in the morning, then came in for 10 hours on my feet.

I wish I had a topographical map so I could see how steep the downhill slope I went down for the last three months was... it was vertical. I used to have days like this before I even got out of bed.

Coming home at 4am my house actually smells like cocaine. I don't know what combination of cleaning products the man, Clark, used while I was gone but my house smells like post-nasal cocaine drip... from what I have heard. I don't really know actually.


I wrote and posted this after coming home from work, then realized it really did sound like I was out partying, which I was not. My knee was insulted and swoll up so I couldn't even bend it and I should have just stayed on the couch elevating and icing.

While I was Running With Music (tm) yesterday I got charged by a pit bull the neighbors were chasing with rake handles. At the last minute the he veered off and went for a lap dog instead. Every one got very excited and called the police. I didn't pee my pants but I think I twisted my knee.

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