Friday, December 15, 2006

The remaining days of this year

Monday I turned in my final paper, and my last internship log.
Tuesday I rested.
Wednesday I got a job... interpreting, college level, starting early January.
Today, Thursday, the bank transfers the last of my savings account into my checking account, from which, nevertheless, the same debit is bounced, twice.

I made it through this year with only the shirt left on my back. Quite literally. Though don't be surprised if this year gets me yet. You don't know the most of it and I won't relive to tell it.

I came home at midnight after my shift at the bar, to find there a dozen pink roses. For me. This man, he is my secret weapon, and my only refuge.

I could not, now till the first day of my new job, give full and proper thanks to all the people without whom I would have been just another soul vacating the earth. I think it would be quite nice to rejoin the ethers. Soooo... thanks a lot. Thanks, a lot.


This year I am celebrating the winter season (Mithra-mas) the Zoroastrian way. Don't bug me about it, I am on the learning curve. I still figure myself for a Buddhist, at least on my way, but the Buddha in me doesn't feel threatened by Mithra and quite fancies any deity who lays claim to Protectorate of the Cosmic Order.

Evergreens, meanwhile, are a symbol of immortality. Good spirits and the magic power of the evergreen resist the life-threatening powers of darkness and cold. To believe in the special powers of these trees means wherever they are, evil spirits can not go, and so their greenery is brought into our homes.

My world view is a mish-mash of whatever has nurtured me, and quite a bit of what hasn't.

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