Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm falling up

I am listening to Christmas music if only to force myself back down to earth where time passes and seasons come, and then go. Music is something I can hold onto and keep the tips of my toes touching the soil.

We've been going to Christmas parties, all kinds of Christmas parties: formal dinner parties, white elephant parties, secret Santa parties, taco and tequila parties... My favorite party moment was when someone gave a curious squeeze to a brittle ornament which burst open showering the table with a fistful of gold glitter. I nearly fell down.

At the secret Santa party we played our hand strategically as a couple and secured a fiber optic rainbow lamp with leaping dolphins. I cant post any pictures of our new lamp because we walked home that night and haven't gone back to pick it up yet, both the lamp and the other white elephant, a farting bear. The farting bear has a remote control and little red cheeks that light up with bear-like embarrassment.

(There are so many horrible, tacky holiday songs! I had no idea.)

In the meantime I have scrubbed my house down from the floor up. In one sweeping motion through shelves of lotion and shower gel and toner and body spray and conditioner I sent thousands upon thousands upon millions of dollars of fancy goopy smells into the garbage. (Don't anyone ever gift me lotion again. Ever.) I dusted and sorted and wiped and scrubbed and then couldn't sleep at night because I just wanted to do more cleaning.

There is just enough time left for me to get all Christmasy about it. I should go to the mall wearing uncomfortable shoes and jostle around the store displays. That will surely ignite my spirit!

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