Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Solstice!

I am driving home to Ashland in a few hours, but only after all 548 items are crossed off my holiday task list. Since I decided only yesterday to become Christmas-spirity (Mithra-ism notwithstanding as it was (is?) exclusive to men) there is suddenly upon me the gazillion tasks of the season and yet a mere four days of this joy left. Damn.

Among the most interesting things I have confronted this week is a series of text messages from my niece. I am trying to broker a visit between estranged family members and while I should know better I am going ahead with plans because I so rarely feel powerful.

No. Actually I am uneasy about the whole situation, which I have written about briefly before, how my older brother locked his doors against everyone. Not being ostracized, I am still allowed to talk to my niece and nephew who by extension are not allowed to speak to anyone else. Boy, I sure hope this doesn't blow up in my face. Can you see it coming?

Anyway my laundry is done and I have to go pack now. And mail the bills. And feed the animals. I hope the mountain passes aren't icy. Oh! I am so excited to go home!

Merry Christmas!

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