Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fourth Annual Blog Year in Review

I have so few traditions, obviously this is one I cant dismiss.

In this year, 2006, I accepted one proposal for marriage, broke one bone, resulting in one surgery, three pins, and an array of colorful casts.

I ran a mere 660.45 miles in three pairs of shoes while sacrificing almost five months of running to injury and interning. Set a personal record in the Portland Marathon, and set a personal record during training when, in the week of Sept 3rd-9th I ran 55.4 miles. The only other race I ran this year was Hood To Coast.

I ran many fewer races and rode many fewer miles then the previous years, sacrificing recreational activity to complete my interpreter training. I camped a mere three nights, snowboarded only one and a half times, fought a pitbull with my bare hands, nursed a dog with 11 stitches, a cat with 4 stitches, a cranky fiance with a broken thumb, later with a broken sternum, and a step daughter with a broken ankle.

All that nosetothegrindstoning paid off. My spring term academic requirements were delayed until the fall term, and then completed in a flurry of activity. Two days after all the loose ends were tied up I got a job in my field starting in the new year.*

There were some areas of no improvement:
-I blew up one computer, on par with my yearly average.
-was issued three parking tickets, above average
-flew off the handle now and again, on average with previous year
-killed one frog, first time
-posted a mere 98 times for the year, at an all time low

Promising trends included:
-two bicycle flats, down from last year
-zero car flats
-zero speeding tickets
-killed zero fish
-burrito consumption high
-coffee consumption low

I spent this last year in faithless agony. It would not be an understatement to say it was one of the hardest years of my life. Few transitions have been more rewarding then this one here today, to be delivered into this new year. This year, for me, the new year is more then a symbolic day for new beginnings.

Hope your 2007 is amazing, exciting and infinitely rewarding!!

*Technically I wont graduate until June of next year because I received an incomplete in one half of one class, Interpreting Process. The class is divided into two parts: interpreting voice-to-sign, and sign-to-voice. I could not interpret voice-to-sign because of my broken wrist. The class is only offered in the spring and even though I will have been working as a professional interpreter as a technicality I am required to complete the class.

**guest artist: asha from language barrier

Now I have to go to work.
Up for 2007: back to smirky

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