Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Order in the court

This time around, I didn't let myself become emotionally involved. In part because six years under the current administration has convinced me that the world wont end in one day. The human body, singularly and in this case collectively, can sustain massive assault and still draw breath. This revelation is stunning in both the comfort and the disappointment it causes me. Maybe after all, I will not be slain by a thousand tiny cuts.

I didn't become emotionally involved in part because two years ago the elections nearly killed me. I was a house on fire, full of hurt and fury and lots and lots of feeling. Big, indigestible, intractable feeling. There is no way I could survive that again, so I did not dare try. This year I hunkered down and was prepared to stay hunkered. I did not volunteer, I did not drive around picking up ballots, I did not browbeat anyone to register. Besides being cantankerous and opinionated, I actively did nothing. Yelled at the news...

But I voted and hoped little. And today, though I am not a Democrat I do feel some relief that they have won control of Congress and if they begin impeachment proceedings I promise to change my party affiliation for one whole election cycle. Yay! Let the trials begin!!


It rains still. We float farther out to sea.

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