Sunday, September 10, 2006

Perpetual Motion.

The ultimate reward for hard work is sleep. The ultimate reward is not coasting on Red Bull, a high that will not go away and restless dreams about all the hard work you have recently done.

It is with the great enthusiasm of ICE, and its vigilant use I am able to do hard work at all. For ICE alone I have not been brought to my knees. Last week, Sunday to Saturday I ran 55.4 miles, a personal record in my running career. This is my secret.

Fill and freeze a three ounce Dixie cup, fill and freeze as many as you can fit in your freezer. Maybe throw away the ice cream. Peel back the paper and use the ice to massage your injured muscles with unwimpy non-ICEfearing vigor. Use whenever you are hurt, sore, tired, bothered or even just grumpy.

Long work shift included, yesterday alone I burned calories equal to about 15.36 ounces of gasoline (regular unleaded) or, if you prefer, equal to about 512 hummingbirds. Still, for all that it baffles me to be abandoned again by sleep. Red Bull may be stronger then all the work ICE can get me to do after all.

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