Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The pain is better then regret

Another new shoes, cocaine white. I feel weary and strong. I am a running break through all the webbing, running in love with running to live to run to love to run. I love nothing like I love to run.

Clark is done. He cant run the marathon with me because we don't know why yet, wont know why until the MRI. Something in the hip joint. But he follows me on the bike with a riding crop clenched between his teeth. RUN WOMAN, RUN. Passing motorists gape, swerve.

I don't always love running. Sometimes I dread it. My toes curl in my shoes and my body curls back against my spine. But I do it anyway because it is the only discipline I have. And I know what I will slog through miles until day breaks. Life is like that.


My dog in love. He wrote a poem.

Sascha, Sascha
I'll be your monster treasure
your moon crater

if you will have me.


He used to look at me like that.
Giddy fool.


your said...

phentermine nice :)

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