Monday, July 24, 2006

It all works out

The temperature actually reached 117 in The Dalles, 13 degrees hotter then predicted by the Weather Channel. I didn't get a chance to die running in the heat. Crossing the parking lot to our hotel room my internal organs began to shut down. I coughed up a blast of steam and sank into the tar. This is definitely the hottest weather I have ever been in. The sun is in my eyes no matter which way I look, sweat evaporates before it reaches the surface of my skin.

Two days worth of sunblock, body lotion, conditioner, deodorant and perspiration then 12 miles of sweating in 98 degrees of direct sun, vaseline, electrolytes, and road grime. I step out of the shower reborn. Understandably, I am rather exhausted by this process.

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