Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I don't pick the time or place

Desktop Weather 4, the flashing meteorological prophet on my computer predicts temperatures will reach 104 degrees this Saturday. So far this summer these predictions have proven to be conservative by up to 10 degrees on a hot day. Hydration calculators estimate I will need to consume almost 220 ounces of water, or nearly one and three quarter gallons before, during and after running 18 miles in that heat.

Additionally, there is only a 60 percent chance that I sleep well on a given night. However, before a big run that number drops considerably to, perhaps, a 20 percent chance that I will be able to sleep well or at all, in turn decreasing my chances of getting out the door by 7 am by 57 percent placing me squarely in the danger zone, running under the zenith of the sun. Odds of death are 2 to 1. I am playing fast and loose...

The sun is too hot and I get goosebumps running, cease to sweat. Because I am stubborn I do not stop, perhaps hallucinate mildly. I will collapsed into water where I find it, stagger and puke it up in the brown brown grass. I will promise myself to be smarter about running in the heat. Then my brain will swell and I will die.


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