Thursday, July 27, 2006

Exception to the rule

* Ahimsa (non-violence)based on the concepts of atman and reincarnation.
* Mind and sense controlconsidered essential for any form of morality.
* Tolerancenecessary in order to deal with inconveniences in the performance of one's dharma.
* Hospitalitydemonstrating magnanimity, and the value of service (seva).
* Compassionbased on notions of atman, and the ability to feel for others as we feel for ourselves.
* Protectionan essential duty is to give shelter to others, especially those less fortunate.
* Respectfor all living beings and for the sanctity of all life.
* Wisdomknowledge is contrasted with ignorance, the Hindu equivalent of the "good -evil" paradigm.
* Austerityessential to gain wisdom in addition to mere theoretical knowledge.
* Celibacyimportant for spiritual life. Only one of the four ashrams is permitted sexual gratification.
* Honesty essential to build legitimate trust within relationships and to avoid self-deception.
* Cleanlinessincludes external hygiene and inner purity; essential for brahmanas.

They were finally able to cough up a little pocket change.

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