Saturday, July 15, 2006

Every week it takes more and more to break my heart

13/0/5/5.71/2.92/0/13.1 = 39.73 miles
0/2.47/5.15/4.6/4.75/0/15.1 = 32.07 miles
77:10:08 days left

3/0/6/4/4/0/18 = 35 miles

I am set back by those two months, and at these increasingly long distances I can feel the loss. Still, it is subtle strain, like how many mile before my heart breaks (this week: 14.85) and how many miles before I start getting chills. I am tireder then I should be and chapped in weird places like on my right shoulder, my left armpit and under a certain thin strip of elastic.

But my wrist is so beautiful! Really, when it just got out of the cast it was a pasty club arm that looked both emaciated and swollen. Now I can actually see muscle definition under my skin. When I grip things and flex things I get a thrill. Sometimes I swerve in traffic enamored with the squeezing of the steering wheel. My arm now is tan and the delicate hairs on my forearm bleached in the summer sun look sexyHOT ruffled by the breeze. I can look straight at my palm with but a wee strain. Life is immeasurably better. Wristwise.

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