Thursday, July 27, 2006


Garlic, onion, garlic, dill, a tomato or two, a cucumber, garlic, jalapeno, vinegar. Poo-poo the recipe, I made up my own and it came out a vaguely suspicious hippie slurry, a nutrition packed rawfoods tonic. I ate half a bowl but my stomach began to hurt and my pores feel like I swallowed a bottle of niacin and snorted vitamin B.

I have a problem following directions. I wish I did not have this problem. I do not recognize in time the moment of intervention critical for change. My life is writ in this bowl of soup. In case you were wondering what I have been up to recently.

Exception to the rule

* Ahimsa (non-violence)based on the concepts of atman and reincarnation.
* Mind and sense controlconsidered essential for any form of morality.
* Tolerancenecessary in order to deal with inconveniences in the performance of one's dharma.
* Hospitalitydemonstrating magnanimity, and the value of service (seva).
* Compassionbased on notions of atman, and the ability to feel for others as we feel for ourselves.
* Protectionan essential duty is to give shelter to others, especially those less fortunate.
* Respectfor all living beings and for the sanctity of all life.
* Wisdomknowledge is contrasted with ignorance, the Hindu equivalent of the "good -evil" paradigm.
* Austerityessential to gain wisdom in addition to mere theoretical knowledge.
* Celibacyimportant for spiritual life. Only one of the four ashrams is permitted sexual gratification.
* Honesty essential to build legitimate trust within relationships and to avoid self-deception.
* Cleanlinessincludes external hygiene and inner purity; essential for brahmanas.

They were finally able to cough up a little pocket change.

Monday, July 24, 2006

It all works out

The temperature actually reached 117 in The Dalles, 13 degrees hotter then predicted by the Weather Channel. I didn't get a chance to die running in the heat. Crossing the parking lot to our hotel room my internal organs began to shut down. I coughed up a blast of steam and sank into the tar. This is definitely the hottest weather I have ever been in. The sun is in my eyes no matter which way I look, sweat evaporates before it reaches the surface of my skin.

Two days worth of sunblock, body lotion, conditioner, deodorant and perspiration then 12 miles of sweating in 98 degrees of direct sun, vaseline, electrolytes, and road grime. I step out of the shower reborn. Understandably, I am rather exhausted by this process.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I don't pick the time or place

Desktop Weather 4, the flashing meteorological prophet on my computer predicts temperatures will reach 104 degrees this Saturday. So far this summer these predictions have proven to be conservative by up to 10 degrees on a hot day. Hydration calculators estimate I will need to consume almost 220 ounces of water, or nearly one and three quarter gallons before, during and after running 18 miles in that heat.

Additionally, there is only a 60 percent chance that I sleep well on a given night. However, before a big run that number drops considerably to, perhaps, a 20 percent chance that I will be able to sleep well or at all, in turn decreasing my chances of getting out the door by 7 am by 57 percent placing me squarely in the danger zone, running under the zenith of the sun. Odds of death are 2 to 1. I am playing fast and loose...

The sun is too hot and I get goosebumps running, cease to sweat. Because I am stubborn I do not stop, perhaps hallucinate mildly. I will collapsed into water where I find it, stagger and puke it up in the brown brown grass. I will promise myself to be smarter about running in the heat. Then my brain will swell and I will die.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Every week it takes more and more to break my heart

13/0/5/5.71/2.92/0/13.1 = 39.73 miles
0/2.47/5.15/4.6/4.75/0/15.1 = 32.07 miles
77:10:08 days left

3/0/6/4/4/0/18 = 35 miles

I am set back by those two months, and at these increasingly long distances I can feel the loss. Still, it is subtle strain, like how many mile before my heart breaks (this week: 14.85) and how many miles before I start getting chills. I am tireder then I should be and chapped in weird places like on my right shoulder, my left armpit and under a certain thin strip of elastic.

But my wrist is so beautiful! Really, when it just got out of the cast it was a pasty club arm that looked both emaciated and swollen. Now I can actually see muscle definition under my skin. When I grip things and flex things I get a thrill. Sometimes I swerve in traffic enamored with the squeezing of the steering wheel. My arm now is tan and the delicate hairs on my forearm bleached in the summer sun look sexyHOT ruffled by the breeze. I can look straight at my palm with but a wee strain. Life is immeasurably better. Wristwise.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I am in Olympia for the week. I have discovered the comic book store, bought Persepolis, Love and Rockets, and Atlas. I have run and accumulated 17.31 miles through the streets, up steep hills west of Budd Inlet and through Priest Point Park. I have discovered the public library and a laudromat to wash my stinking running clothes. I am walking the streets. I am bored and want to go home.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am on a computer terrible and slow. I double triple click everything and it solves nothing. My legs cramped up last night though I thought I was unwoundable. Sunday, 13 miles and no ill effects till snuck up upon in the dark of night. I should drink more water and eat more salty bananas. The library computer this one, is counting down my last 1 minute... 59, 58, 57...

I may post again. Or not.


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