Thursday, June 22, 2006

I can still run!

We are going to run The Portland Marathon. He agreed to run a marathon with me! Its the least he could do, since, after all I committed to weld my life to his. I have promised to guide him safely to the Finish line which begins more then 16 weeks before we even get to the Start line. That is, if you have the luxury of weeks before the 16 weeks before the day of the race. I know enough, I hope to get us both through.

The arm cast in my weeks before this 16 weeks was not luxurious enough to allow for running so we are both are running from Point Zero. We warmed up running 11:30 minute miles just to see if my feet still landed on the ground first, before maybe my knees got there... or worst of all, my wrists. I can still run. We have 100 days and 7 hours left to run some more.

Sometimes I run smooth, like all the million fragments of me stopped struggling. Sometimes I run fast and from the bottom of my lungs and I think ragdoll to remember my form and footfalls. He lopes beside me, easy. I have felt worse, but I have rarely felt better.

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