Monday, June 05, 2006

Get Well Soon

Well, the owners swear that she is the sweetest dog with children and cats. But she was a rescue dog they say, one that was never properly socialized. Everyone I have ever met swears their pit bull is the sweetest dog.

Molly has attacked at least two other dogs in the neighborhood, tearing open the back of a football sized mini-Doberman whose vet bill came to over a thousand dollars. Edisons two vet bills combined are another thousand dollars. The owners have paid all these bills in full.

I picked Edison up this morning at the vet and could hardly help laughing. He was led out on a green leash by the vet in bright blue scrubs, head bandaged red in a clear lampshade, with his leg bound in fluorescent pink where they had inserted the IV. The vet was carrying a plastic bag, flaming hunter orange full of doggy narcotics and after care. He was delirious with joy when he saw me and fairly danced my way cuffing plants and pant legs with his absurd collar. He has eaten biscuits by the handful and is currently dozing on pain pills. Thank you for all the well wishes.

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