Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Get Well Soon Part 5

My brother John and his wife Anita were here. We ate good food, we walked, we remembered growing up which happened a long time ago.

We started fires, and we put them out.

We got up absurdly early when the morning light was stealthy and gold to watch World Cup Soccer. Then they left and I was sad and napped with a little heartache because they are sweet and their visit was way too short.

And too, while they were here Willie was rushed to the vet with a deep cut on her back leg and came home all stitched, dopey and coned up. Just like me, and Edison and the fractured ankle I never wrote about, plus my mom is having knee surgery tomorrow. We are in a streak of notso good luck.

She spent a while scooting backward across the kitchen trying to escape from her Elizabethan collar which was not funny one bit and I did not laugh like a total jerk would have laughed.

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