Monday, May 08, 2006


With the insommia again... again and again, or every other week to be closer to precise.

I am awake and eating pickled beets for two reasons other then the fact that they are pickled with means of course I will eat them. But also I will eat them because they are a lovely rich magenta color which is deeply satisfying to eat. And I will eat them because I feel sorry for beets. My BF hates beets with a virulent passion which makes me all protective and emotionally responsible for the beets. I mean, they are baby beets after all...

beet me

Wednesday I go back to the orthopedic surgeon for my 5th and hopefully final arm cast. This time they tell me it will not constrain my elbow which is like superduper great. I am so tired of this exoskeleton, straining against it, confined. I would be a really crabby lobster, or a lousy snail. It's just not the life for me.

I can feel the healing. I can twist my wrist now so that the pins sorta dance and strain against my skin. It is fascinating, if faintly disgusting. The hospital bill for surgical supplies, rent for the OR and time spent in the recovery room included a line item for surgical implants (pins): $78. I mathed it out to be about $26 per pin, about the going rate I am guessing for cosmetic body piercing. Totally reasonable, but gottamnit you pay a lot for the sterile room.

I am going to try to think like sand, that is, without the static of being. I really want to sleep. Really really.

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