Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The little things

I slept in until the end of forever today when I finally rolled upright, groggy and sloven. I spent another forever lounging about half dressed recounting my dream in a letter to Jill in which I was held at knifepoint to the family livin' lifestyle. It wasn't so bad after all though.

After which all I went downtown to meet Sam for lunch. Lunch with her is esoteric and high-context. She says what I write, there is no meat on the bone but she can flesh out the details only because she has a decoder ring. She may be right. I never meant to be intentionally obtuse, I just find most details cumbersome and boring. They seem obvious. But now that I am a bigtime famous blogger averaging five to ten comments per post I realize maybe I don't always make much sense, because it is bafflement that I often find commented there in.

It isn't always true. For example the other day I was telling Kate and Clark about a girl who recently married an in-tongues-speaking born-again creep. As I recall I felt strongly that in order to explain how her fiance locked someone in a room and spoke to them in some demon-ridding glossolalia I needed to start at the very beginning which was a long winded commentary about how interpreting is something that requires context which you can only get with life experience and my observation of young interpreters tended to bear out that simple truth... after which I continued to discuss the trickiness of conveying concepts cross-linguistically all the while having promised them some really good gossip. Somehow it seems, I either promised them a good story so I could force them to listen to me talk obsessively about socio-linguistics... or that I have a secret penchant for detail after all.

my new anatomy pop-up book is really neat

So here is what I am doing. Details. After we ate lunch we wandered Powells City of Books, and later, sat in the coffee shop where I was unsuccessful in convincing myself to put back some of the books I'd gathered, and again demonstrated my disdain for details with a sweeping dismissal of Oregons tax-structure.

Also, seems I didn't vote even though the ballot was mailed to me. Got snippy in class. Held a grudge. Burned some documents dating back to 2001. Regained 178 degrees of elbow. Spent hours on the phone with my mama. Left my debit card in an ATM. Thought again about buying a scooter. It is the small details that make up day to day life. Am still mystified by simplicity.

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