Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy three day weekend!

The skin on my palm is redhot and itchy, inflamed like a bee sting. Everything feels coarse. I conditioned my hair twice and exfoliated my face and I still felt like Grizzly Adams. The skin on my wrist is prickly and doesn't like to be brushed by. My wrist has the flu, you know how your skin feels when you get flu chills. That. I didn't expect that.

I have a severely limited range of motion which I have almost doubled in the last 28 hours. I pumped iron with a 3 pound dumbbell till my eyes were bulging and the dudes all backed off and were like IT'S COOL MAN, S'COOL and lowered their eyes to show me they didn't want any trouble. HUZZAH!

And now its raining and I am leaving for the weekend. I have some really big news, the biggest news ever broke here at Deconstructionist. Go ahead and speculate, but I can't tell the internet just yet. So don't try to twist my arm. It just doesn't bend that way.

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