Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Final Casting Call


The fancyfreeness of the short cast is not the fanciness I thought it would be. It is a soft little arm and wont support cartwheels, hasn't a mind for joyful expression.

Much to my silly surprise the elbow wont straighten like knees when you have been kneeling for too long and try to stand, exactly like that. They ache and complain and you have to be nice and slow to get them straight. But its as if you stayed kneeling for six weeks which isn't so fast to shake out. But why would you? You'd run out of things to pray for.

Still, brought up short whatever... I have a good mind to like this free-erness. I will tie back my own hair, sign my own name, and clean the lenses of my sunglasses. There is no itch I cannot reach with my chopstick now, and if it snaps off halfway in I can get it back out no panic. Life is getting better all the time.

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