Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cherry Bomb

The surgical cast was heavy and quite ornate with glittery stickers as I have many friends of glittersticker age. The stickers are metallic and seem to pop off rather then wear into the surface of the cast and often I would see one riding like a goodwill fugitive on the tip of Willies tail, on the back of my BFs calf or stuck on my bare belly. By the time I went to the doctor today to be recast I had suffered a great many decorative casualties and was laid quite bare and nearly stickerless.

sometimes I have nervous toes

the cutting,

was really creepy

The saw vibrates instead of spins and by demonstration can be pushed into the tip of a human finger without causing injury. Nevertheless it is menacing and made my toes curl.

I told my doctor I needed to photo-journalize the casting event and he helped me pose my arm which, out of the cast was frail, painful and astonishingly weak and withered, though not smelly like I had expected.

unveiling the pins

first light

empty cast

As a matter of course adults are not offered bright and pretty colors for wrapping their broken bones but I found that if you ask nice and are charmingdisarming you just might get to order off the kid menu a cherry red cast, or maybe pink, blue, purple, green or black.

I was torn between red and black but, in the end, felt red was more decidedly healing and hotheadedly sure of it. Plus may attract hummingbirds.

the pins look like little alien eyeballs....

astonished alien eyeballs

My internship is postponed for now, rescheduled for completion in the coming fall term. Still, for lack of one half (0.5) of one (1) four (4) credit spring term class I will not be graduating till next year. For mere two (2) credit deficit I will have to suffer a twelve (12) month span. Shhh...

First bill

And without insurance I am finding the bills are quite beyond the solvency of my piggy bank which was a whopper and was deposited immediately in its entirety.

I only say so for the sake of disclosure, pure and sweet. This is my diary where I do that. Despite everything I am almost insanely happy, am maybe resting in the wake of an airfoil far more intent then I am finally, on the direction of my life. And if feels damn fine to relinquish control.

And I as can't drive I ride the buss everywhere, peeking over the tops of all the books I have been meaning to read for so long and feel blissfully like one of the crazy humans swarming all around me.

Despite my dark and deadly humor I am profoundly optimistic... a pain in the ass pollyanna sunshine girl. I just can't help it.

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