Friday, March 10, 2006

Still waiting...

I am downgrading myself to an ass-slapping interpreter because
1) ass-kickingly awesome does not leave enough room for improvement
2) I cant tempt the fates by flying too close to the sun
3) I am embarassed to fly close to the sun and only felt I needed to insist on greatness in the face indignant and unjust potential failure.
4) my wrist is injured and achy. I somehow popped it when it was already strained from interpreting.

I still dont know the results but I expect they will arrive tomorrow. I dont want to wait till Monday. *pleasedontmakemewait,pleasedontmakemewait,pleasepleaseplease...*

I am also striking from the record that test bit, the exact nature of the correction and text interpreted. Not that anyone actually cares, but what I posted really was straightup the test material. And if the hairdos and styles on the videos are any indication (hello shoulder pads!) the tapes have been used for a loooong damn time and persumably will continue to be used far into the future to try the mettle of interpreters to come. Little do I want to interfere with that tradition, nor do I want to draw collegial scorn.

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