Tuesday, March 14, 2006

On this day, nothing happened

Today there was no accident in traffic but nevertheless cars were backed up enough that, with minor calculations I figured I wouldn't be making it to my class, the one I interpret, the one in which the instructor is very serious and expects to be taken very seriously, and I do, take her very seriously for she is knowledgeable and wears intimidating suits and purses her lips. And I was going to be late.

Down the slow curve of the road I could see my baby tapping his brakes 23 cars ahead of me. I called him, said I CAN SEE YOU! He held his brakes and craned his neck, thought he saw me too. I kissed him from very far away. Then, without any condition bearing on it traffic started moving through, slow and thick. I rolled my wheels wittingly over the flares, what was left of them, afire seemingly apropos of nothing. I like squishing things. Yes.

It was a brilliant blue and rarefied morning, perfect for breathing air. Sitting in my car already too late I weighed out new adventures for the day... back home to bed? to school in preparation of what? All the work this term is done and I cant go in like a thoughtless classdisruptor... I went home, cinched up my satiny eyemask and went to sleep. Email explanations will suffice.

To school again for my noon class the sky is brassier, yet more tender. Under the aegis of the outer spaces I feel weighed down by nothing.

YOU WONT HEAR ANYTHING TILL THIS FRIDAY AT THE VERY EARLIEST. Like its no big deal she settles in to her teacherly posture. She has a way. It is a good thing I am breezy and immaterial today because it is a very big deal.

Late in the afternoon the skies are heavier still. I run for miles, slowly through the oak groves and tall fir down by the riverside. No rain falls on me and I think of not a thing while I run, noting only that my right calf muscle seems lazy today and I think I am lost.

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