Thursday, February 02, 2006


For practical reasons this is not a convenient pose to strike. Again today's problems are cyclically tomorrows problems, intimately. What I don't get done today is less I will get done tomorrow. Each day a reluctant birth and a reluctant death, each new life a half aware struggle to resolve the thematic struggle that threads one day to the next. I greatly look forward to forward motion... Oh the dreams I dream.

Today I feel like I am swallowing my own tail, feel wholly human and neither mystical or symbolic. Rather simply problematic... no matter how far back into antiquity my struggle resonates. I am regrouping for now. Silently, withdrawnly, two-handedly, staying the social face with my right and mending my armor with my left, the more skillful and dexterous of my hands.

You have no idea how annoyed I am with dualism, harmony in opposites myass.

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