Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Three Frogs

I got one more frog, and now feel like my frog family is complete. I am not sure the frogs have much care for this business with the names and all, being that they are perfectly zen frogs. They can share the two names that they already have and I think that should be quite good enough.

After the pet store I drove around in the rain aiming for puddles, eye on the riverbanks. I cant go out and run in this downpour, which is showing no sign of slowing. There is a point where it just becomes unreasonably wet, and more then a couple miles can hardly be done.

Still, quite alright because this is the best time of year to be in the gym, before the steely resolve of the new year gives way and the crowds are seduced back to the couch where the good life is lived. Last night I climbed 201 floors directly behind a girl reading her Holy Bible, ascending the stairway to heaven. I can hardly resist saying so.

But me, when I stepped down I and walked back to the locker room, I was just as earth-bound as ever.

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