Tuesday, January 24, 2006

These things happen

I was driving across the Sellwood bridge during rush hour today when my car smashed through the concrete railing and plummeted into the churning flood waters, still receding far below. Even as it came I said to myself STILL THERE IS HOPE... yet knew.

Then wondering if I had had the time and wherewithal to unroll the window on the way down, I almost rear ended the vehicle in front of me. In the sky clear and blue one lone gull circled and I felt the company of that moment close to me right then. In the company of my own death the world is unfamiliar and spooky.

I wont think about the window is there not hope?, not the revision of my spiritual philosophy, not regrets.

All day am listing sideways because my consciousness is about two inches to the left of center. Am looking skyward for heavy machinery.

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