Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I bought a new frog yesterday, and decided go with the frozen bloodworms for food, thinking the pellets are so impersonal, and quite probably tasteless.

I didnt realize those little crimson icecubes, which I have to cut into thirds would melt so fast at my touch, would be so melodramatically indelicate, would have me rushing through the house crying as the frozen solid between my fingers rapidly reconstituted to what can only be called Blood. Worms.


Anyway, I settled on naming them Seymour and Muriel, which may be a little macabre but we live in suspended animation here. Besides, bloodworms... you know what I am saying??


Gail at Open Brackets posted a link and summary to this article by Eliot Weinberger, What I heard about Iraq in 2005. Unsettling, to say the least.


Last night... Tom Kah Tofu. Served up a stunning and scalding imitation of the real thing, along with the realization that I am constitutionally incapable of following a recipe. Against my own will am adding dashes, specks and splashes. The slight imbalance of flavors is probably due to the fact that I am tweaking with a recipe the first time I ever make it.

Add this one to my list of resolutions.


And finally, let it be said, I dont care for bullies. I dont care for aggressive, swaggering belligerance, and I hate conservatives... So whatever abusive shit storm ensues, I am delinking youknowwhoyouare.

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