Saturday, January 14, 2006

An ending nice and tidy

Turns out I am a mediocre sushi chef and the whole endeavor deteriorated into me dipping the raw ingredients into the wasabi and finding that it was quite good enough. The crux of the matter being that the BF was called in to work all day Saturday, into what is, at this writing, the 14th hour of a very lame shift. And the fun of making sushi is the goodtimehaving which is significantly detracted from in the absence of good company.

Still, I prepared more then I can eat in a week and though am not yet making rolls tight enough for to smack a homerun on a soft pitch, there has been marked improvement in the general appearance and deliciousness of my sushi.

I have to find a place to pause, try something twice till I get it down. I think I should try the Tom Kah soup again tomorrow. I have secret hidden thoughts about how to do it right and lots of birdseye chili for the love of flaming hot food. Which I have.

But now I am tired with weary legs, having hiked four miles into and four back out of Forest Park with Edison who is a total chick magnet and they were all over it, and honestly he is how I got got. I saw him, fed him and the rest is history. I was moved in and shacked up in less then a year. Really, Edison has a beautiful tail and ladies, we are both spoken for... even if we excurse alone, gloveless in the rain.

We hiked above the city, emerging from the park after dusk, minutes into the full darkness of night, twinkling lights. Forest park is deep and woodsy, yet merely etched into the hillside above the trainyards and shipping industry of Swan Island. Back in the s-curves around the creek ravines the illusion is complete. Even on a Saturday afternoon one can strike a balance of isolation in the connectivity of urban life.

Tonight Edison was so muddydirty I showered him, polished him down with a creme rinse conditioner I cant myself use, one that makes my curls go frizz. This was not ideal dog handling he thinks, or even manly but he loves me. The second morning I ever woke up next to my BF I told him I had a dream THIS MORNING I WAKE AND I KNOW MORE THEN ANYTHING I NEED TO GO BUY DOG BISCUITS, WITH GREAT URGENCY I FEEL. Edison knows this, we are kindred.

Now at the end of my evening, frog-gazing them balanced on the tip of a water fern, Willie stalking to get cozy on my lap, Edison hiking in his sleep, I am not so much wanting for good company. Just sushi-making company maybe.

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