Saturday, December 17, 2005


Wednesday was party no.four, but what a day! I met Sam for lunch, later on, Kate for dinner. I took her to a two-part party, in the appetizer apartment and the entree apartment. I like pretty people, I like laughing pretty people, abundance of food and generosity and dim lighting. These are my friends I love for the sake of me... not getting-togetherness for school or work or etiquette. So this was the best party yet, brief as it was I stayed.

But even still, holiday parties have me feeling over stimulated and over exposed. The next two nights I spent in, bustling around the dirty corners of my house with the heat cranked and a cup of scalding tea, sleeping long and deep, late into the morning.

Friday was frozen. The perfect day for a 10 mile run; dry, cold, brilliant and sunny. After three miles I found my stride, and lost myself finely, running. Finally. I haven't been on a run longer then six miles since the Seattle Half-Marathon, and before that, the Halloween Run-Like-Hell Half-Marathon. Now on vacation, the only thing I have been dreaming of is long hours running and writing.

Today, again perfectly tart, froze and bright for a long run. I ran 10 miles to brush down my feathers, for meeting perfect strangers you hold in blatant admiration is graceless and I would probably bonk heads or spill a drink in his lap if I didn't run it out of me. I probably will anyway.

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