Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One last double check before we left the house BABY CAN YOU SEE THE DORK IN ME? ITS NOT OBVIOUS IS IT? Just to be nice back I assured him we wouldn't talk about writing or blogging, but I totally lied.

It was all posted here first, most of it is true...

But Brandon is way prettier then I am. He was hiding behind a pole in the Triple Nickel so he saw me first, starting off the evening Advantage: One Child. He approached not bearing scissors but hands stuffed in his back pockets, earnest and disarming.

Too bad I am totally suspicious of people that nice. I watched too many teen romance movies about the popular kid dating the weirdo on a dare, falling in love pretend, widely exposed for sham, maybe later falling in love for real, love somehow reinforced by humiliation... that never really happened to me but my friends ganged up on me in 6th grade. I never got over it (am keeping a list ladies).

We left the Triple Nickel for the Sapphire. Got down to blogging business, drank Spanish coffee, ignored everyone. It is true, we missed StoryCorp, and what we would have talked, we talked.

StoryCorp, we could have save it all for posterity, Bacardi 151 it will be new all over again.

It is true also, the Sapphire waitress ran out after us on the street, undertipped and not havin' it. She was sassysad about it which chapped me cause it was an honest mistake, honestly.

(We came less than a dollar short of 15% on the bill, big tragedy in the tangle of figuring that we did by candlelight
(I did the math later and while I never leave less then 20% (cause what the 'ell do you think I do for a living) my sorrow is not great)).

Brandon ran off.

We met them at The Pub at the End of the Universe, talked still more. Still? At the end of the night I am deeply fond of Brandon and Kevin both. Kevin has a great poker face and I only caught him in a semi-eyeroll once. But it could have been the smoke.

Neurosis, that word, though out of favor with the medical community is keenly succinct to the self-conscious writer. I can neither accept or express admiration with ease. Thank god we meet up face to face sometimes, leave feeling fairly well adjusted in concert or in contrast.




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