Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sorry, get your own jollies!

For the sake of peace and tranquility in my domicile I am quietly dropping the whole footy thing. *THUD* I have been asked to weigh my love of storytelling against my concern for the feelings of others. For me, the story is sacred, and while I hope this is a hazard I rarely have to navigate in my writing "career" it is a reality of sharing my life with the whole world... all ten of you... um, if I want anyone to share their life with me.

Besides, till now it was Foot Fetishists 1, BF 0 and I feel obliged to at least even the score. Tied 1:1.

And the questionnaire was totally boring. Hello! Yawn! The scandal is all on this side of the keyboard. And rest assured, I am out here full force making an ass of myself, tantruming and nicemaking on a regular basis just so to bring you an entertaining perspective of the world around me.


CRAp, I had my heart squeezed out of me the other evening when I was leaving the store with cheese, thinking about my cheese and a toy poodle lunged at me against the glass of the drivers side window in the car next to mine. I squealed and *almost* peed, cursed in an unbecoming manner.

I had parked my car the wrong way in the diagonal spot and my driver side was next to their driver side from where the poodle was manning security. Edison was in the back seat of my car, securing nothing. I rolled his window all the way down and eased my car forward a little until the two dogs were lined up. GET HIM EDISON, GET 'EM Edison fluffed up a bit, leaned out toward the poodle window and URF-ed and growlburped.

The poodle went wild, fogging up six inches of glass. He slipped off the arm rest and fell onto the drivers seat. GET 'EM, EDISON, GET 'EM Edison ARF-ed and wiggled a little bit. The poodle lunged back up from the seat against the glass, little corkskrew curls sprung around his nose.

I looked up just then to see this dude right there, walking up between our cars, probably watching as he had walked across the parking lot, probably just starting to figure out what the hell I was doing. *ohshit* I slid down in my seat and drove away in what can only be described as a slink.

Theme-blogs get monotonous anyway.

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