Thursday, September 22, 2005


1. I deleted some a bunch of old drafts off of my blogger account that read like a bong hit, taking you nowhere. Such as this one:

it seems like there is a fundamental lack of officiation in the storytelling around here. I mean, if I tell you

2. Willie is limited use cat, but she finally caught a mouse, which makes her vaguely esteemable.

3. I took a bath with my camera tonight.

+is not waterproot+

4. I live in poverty

5. But my toes are prismatic.

Which brings me to my point...

I am going to put this one out to you guys.

A French foot-fetishist with endearingly crappy book-learned English and predictable French verb-conjugation asked me to fill out a foot questionnaire. All the questions are foot-oriented but not specifically erotic.

I think that I might answer the questions if I can post the questions and the highlights of the dialogue, here on my blog.

What do you think???? I need some advice, am begging for your input.

My bath water got very murky...

Then I showered clean.

My stupid, I mean, limited-use cat fell into my tubasudsyness

And licked her self dry.

6. A hellish school/work schedule starts this Monday, after one more year of which I will be L.L. Bean pipe-smokin debonaire with squeaky-clean floor-boards.
    • M: School, 7am-7pm (commuting time included)
    • T: Work, 11am-3pm
    • W: School, 7am-7pm
    • Th: Work, 11am-3pm
    • F: School, 7am-7pm
    • S: Work, 11am-11pm
    • Sun: sleep, sex, coffee, run, homework, bagel...
    The horribleness of this schedule is that the BF is monitoring air quality in a high-rise downtown where the remodeling schedule must not interfere noisily with the schedule of money-making tenants like lawyers... um, meaning that he is leaving for work an hour before I come home every night, and coming home a few short hours before I have to get up. It is gonna be stressful, and lonely.

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