Thursday, September 15, 2005

Me Barbie, You Ken

I registered for the Portland Marathon the other day after I found out they had re-opened registration to allow for another 1000 runners. At least I think that is what it read. I whipped out my credit card so fast I broke all the sound barriers and was confirming payment before I ever knew for sure.

Thing is, I am not sure if I am ready. No doubt this last year of time and a half credits in school took all the readiness out of me. By the time June rolled around, relaxing my way out of the residual school stress chopped off another month of training, as did weddings and bike rides and camping and finding water in which to behave like a lily-pad and then acting like lily-pad, submerged to the tip of my nose.

I kid. I froze incrementally, flailing in the swift, un-lilylike water. Lilies do not grow in the rapids.

But anyway... I know I am not marathon ready. I know I can run a marathon, its just that I cant run it the way I want to run it. But that holds true for every part of my life and I tend to not let it stop me.

I am so excited. Have you ever gotten butterflies in your tummy when you heart was already beating 163 beats per minute, six miles into an eight mile run?? It is a really weird feeling. I am not sure if it is safe. I cant shake the adrenaline of knowing the marathon is only a few weeks away and I may keel over dead with that awareness.

Can you believe I need a new pair of shoes already? Seems like just yesterday...


Otherwise we are gonna start casting metal. Yesterday we got the custom-made tongs to handle the crucible, chased each other around the house with them. I thought maybe I would make some bronze slug handles for my garden gate. I don't have a garden gate, yet.

We made a foundry practice run with a Ken-doll head. Whatcha think?
(the BF has consented to be photoblogged again)


I had dinner with my girlfriends tonight after I got off work. Five of us cooked and drank wine in a little post-divorce basement apartment just aching with self-awareness and potential. The lighting was sublime and the company was tonic. And of course, the food was fun but the cooking was even funner. I have been such a domestic homebody nerd all summer. Why am I not out feeling vital everynight??

Yet, I am so happy here, at home. Its new to me.

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