Monday, September 26, 2005

Hold That Thought

I know, I know...

Sunday was too short, each moment the last moment of summer and if I could just linger without provoking time I thought maybe I could draw it out a little longer.

I was on campus at 7:35am this morning only to be told that none of my classes started till noon today. I went home and got two more hours of sickly sleep, woke sweaty with a pounding headache and knock-kneed nausea, what if I puke on my teacher the first day?. They already know me so I guess they wont mind as much.

When I got to class I was pleasantly surprised to be cheered and WHEW WE THOUGHT YOU DROPPED OUT-ed... cause I still haven't registered, thus wasn't on the rollcall, and I was actually supposed to be there at 9am, so the speculation and sadness proceeded me. Even small, tiny, ittybitty loves make me happy. I felt the nausea sorta ease off and lightened up a little bit out from under my anxiety.

But, see, I just cant muster up a decent post here about feets right now. I am just gonna say hold that thought.

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