Friday, September 16, 2005


Tomorrow I have an 18 mile training run planned. What am I doing up at 1:22am posting photographs of molten metals? If left to my own devices this is just the time of night I start to wake up and produce.


The learning curve is steep.


I love the words. Slag. Blast Furnace. Ingot. Crucible. Melting Point. Lost Wax. Oxidation. Alloy. Slurry. Fun words.


pouring moltenness

ingot impurties

I baked a caramel apple pecan pie the other day and had a molten-goo-in-your-mouth moment cause I couldnt resist. My desire to touch metal 9354231 degrees hot was as strong, but by now I have learned a thing or two about consequences.

It is so pretty.

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