Friday, July 08, 2005

Seattle to Portland Pt.2

We are leaving for the STP in one half hour, under creamy white skies. Is it going to rain? I packed three pairs of shoes... bike shoes, sneaks and flipflops.

The taxi will be here in a half hour, and dump us out at the hotel where the busses are loading exactly one hour and fifteen minutes before we need to be there. It wasnt a battle worth fighting. I have said I told you so so many times I decided one more time wouldnt hurt. WinkWink Dad!

I have spare tubes and and a brand new STP jersey. The race packet was sparse this year. A jacket, a map, a water bottle, some body lube, a couple advertisements, and ride numbers. Last year we got drugs and tools and first aid kits and food and those little RideStrong bracelets and all kinds of stuff. Havent gotten a good race packet yet this year.

We ran the Fourth of July six mile race in Ashland on Monday. John and Anita had BRIDE and GROOM written on the back of their shirts and smoked the course finishing almost ten minutes before me. Good kids. I would have taken pictures but I locked my keys in my car.

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