Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I need more grace then I thought

Went running in the heat of the day, 96 degrees. I discovered a secret gravel path, a single track that winds between backyard fences and tall grasses. I followed it until the weeds grew high, leaned in and the spiderwebs wove the way closed. Big spider webs, big fat spiders, big dreams about the worlds biggest fly. I was wearing just the right shade of green so I beat my way back out to the paved roads.

10.5 miles of coffee icecubes and how much I love running and how big a crush I have on my boyfriend today, and the psychology of individuality and the Stanford prison experiment and I think when I get home I am going to go buy a window thermometer and some ice cube trays and I am going to be sure to clean my hair out of the shower drain, water the house plants, clean my desk, eat blueberries, and hope there is still enough time for a nap before I have to leave for work. There wont be.

rubbed raw

When I got home I found I was bleeding all over my shirt. Chaffed boobs and sweaty and gritty and thirsty. Why cant I ever get anything done in a timely manner? I intended to lace up and leave at 9am but I dicked around reading blogs till noon.

worm-infested soul

Someone told me recently I need to quit thinking deep thoughts and go to charm school. This weeks pink toenails are dedicated to you!

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