Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bicycle Fever

Long ass ride. It didn't feel so bad when this picture was taken, only a hunnert miles in, cozy and perky and ready for day two.

It drizzled on day two. Got harder and harder to get back in the saddle. The ride ended under flags and cheers and bubbleblowing wellwishers. Muggy and salty and gummy and lactic-acidic and sososo ready to get out of those bike clothes.

My numbers are not as good as last year... averages, ride times, max speeds, all that. It has been a long sedentary school year. I accidentally reset my computer after 130 miles so I don't have any accurate stats anyway. So I thought I would give you some generic stats instead.

# Total distance (miles) 202.25
# Uphill distance (miles) 30.87
# Uphill altitude (feet) 1,951
# Maximum altitude (feet) 463

I wonder about the unicyclist and the two boys on big wheels. What was their ride like?

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