Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Animal Life

Its hot today, yesterday, all weekend. We had our big summer party on Saturday.

-39 people
-9 kids
-2 BBQs
-1 firepit
-10 cases of beer
-17 cheerleader beers
-1 bottle of whiskey
-0 fights
-1 broken glass
-23 illegal fireworks
-1 drunk neighbor
-2 predictable political discussions
-1 predictable friend-of-a-friend jackass who drinks all your beer and dominates the conversation while trying to hit on all your girlfriends in a really disgusting manner. One of the last to leave, stuffing his pockets with unopened beer from the cooler.
-1 person not thrown in the fire in a demonstration of great restraint by yours truly
-1 satisfied dog, bloated with chicken, tofu dogs and watermelon rinds
-2 hot rods

XXXX *photo removed at the vehement request of subject* XXX

It was so all-American I feel weak.


Monday while I was at work the neighbors dog got out of their fenced yard and fought Edison till a piece of his ear came off.

I say it is lucky I was not here cause I am a crier and way less diplomatic then my boyfriend. When I got home we wrapped him up and took him to the 24-hr Animal emergency room. Two shaved and shaking Scotty dogs went in before us with a nick on one of their legs. We had been there for two hours and they were seen in 10 minutes.
Its a matter of priorities they said.

Kitty-Kitty in room one had been attacked by a dog. Tissues and racking sobs.

Baby in room two was getting all fixed up. Mom in curlers under a scarf and her daughter waiting, patient and friendly.

A dog brought in on a gurney, wrapped in a blood-soaked sheet and plastic. Black lab, black eyes looking around as they wheeled her in, $400-500 just to try to stabilize her. SHE'S LED A GOOD LIFE the husband whispered to his crying wife. Its not a fun place.

At midnight they said it was probably another hour before they saw us so we went home. Its not a big piece of ear but its a bleedy piece so Edison is at the vet today getting fixed up with an estimated medical bill of $200.

The neighbor already knows he will be paying it. He is lucky if I don't file a report. I am superpissed cause in the last ten years my dogs have been attacked three times, unprovoked and out of the attackers territory and all three times the dogs have been pit bulls. I hate pit bulls. They are dangerous dogs, I don't care what anybody says.

I know there are nice pit bulls out there, cause I have met them but I would never trust them.

When my ex-boyfriend and I lived on the Oregon Coast we had a couple friends from Seattle who came down for the weekend once and awhile. They brought their two dogs... one, a young pit bull female. She is a very sweet dog but in the middle of the night if you were moving around she had a completely different, very threatening demeanor. They warned us she would kill our cats if she saw them... BUT SHE IS SO SWEET, SHE WOULDN'T HURT A FLY. PEOPLE WHO SAY PIT BULLS ARE DANGEROUS ARE FULL OF SHIT. Whatever.

I am gonna take your word on it when there is a kid and a dog and a cat and ourselves wanting to be safe in our yard??

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