Saturday, May 14, 2005

Make my dreams come true

I really wanna be back but I forgot how to wrote. see?

I had a dream about verb/noun pairs and felt it was imperative that YOU understand how funky English V/N pairs were and in the dream I was trying to post a few examples on the internet.

I haven't had much success making dreams come true but now I can cross it off my ToDoBeforeDeath list.

Keep in mind that verbs tend to stress the second syllable and nouns tend to stress the first syllable.

For example, if you say convict you mean someone, a noun of a person who has been found guilty of committing a crime.

But if you say convict then you mean the verb-ish act of deeming a person guilty. Apply those similar stress patterns to the list below for magical part-of-speech changing results!!!


make sense???


by the dozen-dozen


But besides that, its been bicycles and ladybugs, everything is green and everything is dirty all the time. We took two thousand pounds of dirtiness to the dump. I would say A TON but for fear that you would think I was using a hyperbolic qualifier.

And today I planted 9 dahlia bulbs and nasturtiums and morning glories and sunflowers... and drew stars and hearts on my hands but by the end of the day all the goodness collapsed in on itself as it is so likely to do.

Its been a hell of a spring, all thistly-prickle and bike-crashing like... sometimes I am just on cloud-9 and cannot remember why anything ever bothered me, for what-on-earth reason.

Spring fever is so disorienting, and so like undying thirst.

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