Monday, May 23, 2005

Emotions are chemical cocktails

I was just sitting here doing homework, minding my business and listening to music by the thousands, volumes and volumes of music, and this Sea and Cake song came on that was like a horseradish whiff of nostalgia.

I don't even know what or what I remembered but suddenly breezes that brushed up on me like, five years ago were giving me chills again and could feel the quality of that light so clearly that I could see the dust floating in the air.


Dust in sunlight is one of the most nostalgic things I have ever seen. I feel like a memory everytime dust gets caught in a sunbeam.

And it wasn't that song but it was a change between twangs and I just couldn't believe that I was typing a paper about interpreting cause my life isn't there yet.

I am so innocent.

Or not.

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