Sunday, April 24, 2005

$100 for a pair of dry socks?!

Pouring rain, mud in my teeth, in my hair, on the inside of my sunglasses. Couldn't even really see much but the shiny blobs of neon green and lycra ass-pants in the shapeless fog of my lenses. Squishy feet, I stopped twice to wring out my socks till my feet were so numb it didn't matter. The sun finally burst about fifteen miles still out but it was too late. My mood was ruined. Till I got my MONSTER-SIZED COOKIE AT THE END!

Drive home in the now hot and sunny afternoon with a full belly and a strong inclination towards nap-iness. Home, fifty miles north back into the storm towards my couch and my fluffy towel and favorite jeans and Chinese food.

Dreamed last night that my Dad realized his values were out of sync with his politics... made astonished exclamations that he had ever voted for Bush... was damn relieved to see the light. Woke up to him snoring in the other hotel bed under the crappy synthetic fibers and knew it a Republican snore.

I have a sudden sweet tooth. Umm, maybe its peanutbutterandjelly hour.

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