Saturday, March 12, 2005

End of Winter Term

There are two tests, one ASL to English interpretation, and four papers left before spring break. Pretty short easy stuff mostly, just that Linguistics final is gonna kill me. as far as seating myself in front of the computer but I'm dinking around on the internet instead of paper writing.

I took a what kind of teenager are you? quiz and though I am not a teenager I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to imagine what it must be like....

So what kind of teenager am I? I am a bad ass who skips classes, is lonely, has addictive tendencies and is destined to become a cop or a celebrity.

Earlier today, before I left for my run, while I was still bouncing up and down in the driveway with my white ShoutOut to the 80s headband (y0) one of His buddies pulled up and brought us this lovely piece for our home. IT'S CERAMIC he said in a subdued yet dignifed, tender yet respectful manner. Please Advise.

I suggested a diorama with GI Joes dolls and mini-rifles and thought maybe we could recreate one of those Goodwill duckhunt paintings in 3-D. Though I didnt say so in the heat of the moment.

plus almost cut ma' thumb off...oooch

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