Monday, February 21, 2005

Trial By Fire

Considering my homework behindness, I have no business blogging, so I have to make it quick. superduperquick.

My friend Satia who is interpreter-like like me, is moving into my apartment to which I am sososo attached. The same day she applied her house got broken into and her change stolen and her panties strewn about cause every thieving asshead knows where you hide your valuables.

Two years ago I moved into that apartment an almost fatally fragile person, and there found what I was made of and moving on is nice but kinda sad cause that was my most favorite place I ever lived. ever.

But now I can still go there and put my feet on the furniture and drink tea.

Emmy made chocolate cake, lemon cake, cupcakes and strawberry cheesecake for my birthday and I got hyper on alcholsugar and sugarsugar.

I stayed up later then late and very far from home.
Kate drove me back in the morning.

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