Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My Heart Flutters

Yay getting older!

Best Girl

Shattered a quart of Thai Iced Tea running out the door for school. Have bad tea luck and sticky kitchen floor. Falsified homework in the parking lot and it isn't even due till tomorrow even though I am late now. The wind blew heavy and dropped tiny pine boughs on the cold concrete. Always radiating chill, conducting wind that concrete hallway. Always shadowy and usually melancholy.

Got my capsaicin, know what hot is.

Best run in months, 8.4 miles. Felt relieved of all burden for about two hours. Think I am experiencing Endorphin Inflation. Want to go again. Want to not stop. Want nothing else. New shoes maybe.

Wasabi peas, fuzzy pants, nonmaterializing oversized sombreros, chile rellano and fried icecream. That's how you celebrate a prime number. Its a whole new year.

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