Sunday, January 02, 2005

Year In Review

Yeah, its soooo 2004 and no one cares about 2004 anymore... but I am so behind. If I am gonna catch up I gotta start somewhere and my stack of bills looks too daunting right now and the laundry is too too dirty. So!

In 2004 I...

-ran 678.37 documented miles, over six hundred of them in the same pair of shoes I am still wearing

-suffered three running related injuries

-ran Bloomsday 12k, Pear Blossom 10 miles, Up The Lazy River 10K, Mt. Tabor Challenge 8K, Hood To Coast Relay, Run Like Hell 5k and The Portland Marathon

-rode the Mountain Lakes Challenge Century Ride, Seattle To Portland 204 miles, Midvalley Tour Metric Century, Peach of a Century Metric Century, Oregon Coast Cycling Festival Century ride

-kissed six people

-lost two more hubcaps and a cat, got a new cat... Willie

-quit drinking coffee at least seven times

-had one car stolen and later recovered

-boarded 4 airplanes, rode in one wheelchair, drove through seven states, slept in three hotel rooms and nine different guest bedrooms

-rode one Ferris wheel four times and five rollercoasters twelve times

-got two speeding tickets and only one parking ticket

-applied and got accepted to the SLIP, applied for a received one scholarship

-made two people cry in a bad way, three cry in a good way

-attended one funeral and zero weddings

-got one new tattoo

-suffered two tire blowouts and one bicycle flat

-got published


Margin of error is plus or minus couple here or there

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