Friday, January 07, 2005

Who schedules a goddamned court date for New Years Eve Eve?

It is raining in Portland today. Normally that might elicit a passionless WELL, DUH out of most people, HOWEVER keep in mind that we are at only 21% of our annual snowpack/rainfall for the rainy season. Ouch.

And so the rain is mighty welcome, 'specially cause there is nothing creepier then an Oregonian with a winter tan.

Classes started up again this week, ASL, Interpreting Theory, Interpreting Process, Linguistics and Field Experience plus $200 worth of crappily bound xerox pamphlets and text books with a shelf life of unrefridgerated milk... all four of them...
My head feels a little loose and wobbly.

I finally collected myself enough to pay some bills and tend to the pressing bureaucratic lifeordeath noticesandsummonsandtickets or whateverthefucks laying around like that little *ahem* speeding ticket from a few weeks back and noticed *** fuckfuckfuck*** that I missed my court date (again) and might as well just slap the cuffs on me now cause that'd give me the ole WHATFOR and show me the road Im headed down....




My toilet and kitchen sink faucet are at this very moment being replaced by the maintenance man who lives in apartment#12 with his Hot Russian Girlfriend who makes me wish I still smoked cigarettes. He has a handlebar mustache and isn't really talking to me so I am just trying to stay out of his way. I just sneaked a peek with my camera.


Last weekend I called Beer who is far enough away from Phuket in Muang Nonthaburi that she wasn't neck deep in angry ocean water much to my relief. She just might be coming back to the United States in the next few months depending... But still, I donated my grocery bill to the Red Cross on my credit card(!) cause I figure if I gonna go to debtors prison I wanna go with a clear conscience...

...and then I bought her enough holiday discounted chocolates that postage alone will be equal to airfare. What are you gonna do? Sometimes love is bigger then money.

Last night the boyfriend insisted that we watch Mr. Frost cause, as he seems to recall, it was a really good flick, interesting, well made, engaging and creepy... but he is wrong and has no credibility and was old enough even at the time to know better. Henceforth he has only an advisory role in movie picking and even then will be regarded with a measure of skepticism, if not outright scorn.

I am gonna make him grow a handlebar mustache I think... what do you think?

something like this maybe?

-tips for growing your own, or not

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